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SOUL-view on the Elections and everything else.

First and foremost I identify as a Divine Being having a human experience. I am nevertheless compelled by this human theatre and the upcoming presidential election and the democratic primaries have me in a space of deep contemplation.

I look at all situations and conditions through the lens of my Soul. I seek to activate the Divine perspective that contains the broad view. It does not perceive from fear and limitation, but from Love and infinite possibility. So this morning I sat in meditation and then entered into the dialogue I have daily with my Divine guidance. Feeling torn between two candidates running for president, and feeling drawn to both for similar and different reasons all at once, I asked my Soul, and Infinite Intelligence for help. This is what I got…

‘No matter who you chose to vote for, when you enter into that voting booth, embody the possibility you desire. Feel it. Revel in it. Imagine it. Feel the excitement of the realization of this transformed world you desire to experience. Carry within you the vibration of this beautiful new world. It is already emerging. There is evidence everywhere of the compassion, innovation, creativity, transformation. Look at where it is, and do not become consumed by where it is not.

Acknowledge the solutions that have already been unearthed, invented, inspired and feel into the ones that are germinating beneath the surface, ready to push forth from the dark fertile earth, when the conditions are optimal.

Do not become discouraged or dismayed by the state of affairs that do not match your vision. Thank it for showing you what you do not want and for inspiring a passionate and intense desire for something different. When you align with this desire, and keep the crisp clear channel of this vision, the reception of it will be realized. Clarity is born from the chaos. Beauty is birthed from the darkness. Possibility is defined by the experiences that clarify what is not wanted to know what is.

So we say to you, dear Soul of this universe, go forth and live the dream, the vision, the possibility that is being born in you. Like a woman pregnant with new life, become pregnant with your desire for a better world and believe in its fruition. The imminence of this birth is upon you. Stay steady and focused and undaunted by the conditions present that don’t please you. Vigilantly focus on the Beauty of your vision. Rather than allowing the unwanted conditions to drain you with fear and anger, let them inspire you to the passionate new vision.

When you do this, you become a beacon of that possibility. You become a powerful influencer of the frequency that is projected into the reality you are experiencing. When you embody the possibility, you live it before it is manifested. You are immediately living in the liberated reality that you desire for all.

This is the Soul’s journey. This is the path less travelled. Be a trail blazer and listen to the sweet whisper of your Soul, that knows the way to freedom! ‘ ~ my Soul Source

And so, as we enter into this election cycle and dance in the theatre of politics with all that that entails, let us keep our eye on the prize. Let us feel the fullness of that desired outcome, and be vigilant not to be distracted by the bully in the room. It is not easy. But when we embody our Soul Vision then we can see the bully for what it is: our own projection created so that we may experience enough of what we don’t want so we can define a new creative way to be. The Soul loves the adventure of being human and is undaunted by the manifested reality, because it knows we are the creators of it. And if we remember that, we can begin to create something new. So let’s take our power back. No matter who is in the Oval Office we can create a better world now! Let’s start living from the Soul-view and embody this new vision.

Happy voting soul family!

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