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Beki is a Soul Artist and vibrational healer that channels the divine with paint, color, words and energy.  In her Soul sessions, she intuitively and creatively offers an experience combining the healing frequencies of Bach Flower essences, Reiki, and the Divine Guidance within the Akashic Records.  This deeply therapeutic process offers Soul alignment that has the potential to transform and enlighten in the most magical ways. 


While Charleston, SC has been home for Beki since 1987, the home of her art is Nassau, Bahamas where she went to high school. This is reflected in her bold, bright colorful and sensuous paintings. She has shared her art in many places, spaces and ways, but nothing has been more exciting as the creation of Soul Portraits, bringing her passion for art and soul together. In 2015 she was guided by her own Spirit Guides to offer Soul Portraits as a way to support Soul-embodiment, healing and awakening of her clients. By moving into the deepest level of the Akashic Record of her client she makes conscious contact with their Soul, and channels a sacred transmission of their Divine Self on canvas. Beki has been creating art that comes from the Soul and speaks to the Soul for over thirty-five years. 


In 2018 she published her spiritual memoir Bare Beauty: My Journey of Awakening, which has been described as “a heart-nourishing, soul enriching and inspirational read”. At the end of 2019 she closed her boutique/gallery, Utopia, after 28 successful years of business, reimagining Utopia into what is now Soul Art. Following the persistent urging of her Inner Voice, she now fully devotes her heart and soul to supporting others in their journey of awakening.

“I look forward to what is next as I continue to evolve and awaken more each day to the potential to live a life of Unconditional Love, freedom, joy, passion and peace. As a student of Life, Love and Awakening my experience as a healer and artist comes from lifetimes of living, exploring, falling and flying and deeply listening to the heart within mySelf and that of others. My teachers have been all those who have initiated my awakening through both joy and pain. Mothering has been perhaps the most profound training ground for the soul work I now do.  My human teachers have been a critical part of my training, including my own healer who has facilitated deepening my relationship with the Divine through the Akashic Field. This has enabled me to hone in on my ability to receive with clarity the invaluable insights from my non-physical guides on how to support myself and my clients on this wild and wondrous journey of awakening.

I am overflowing with gratitude”  ~beki

Beki shares her process and gifts as a Soul Artist and Vibrational Healer
at the PechaKucha 36 event in Charleston, SC 2.22.2020. PechaKucha (Japanese: ぺちゃくちゃ, IPA: [petɕa kɯ̥tɕa],[1] chit-chat) is a worldwide storytelling format in which a presenter shows 20 slides for 20 seconds of commentary each. At a PechaKucha Night, individuals gather at a venue to share personal presentations about their work. 


In this interview Beki speaks

about her spiritual memoir

Bare Beauty, my Journey of Awakening. 

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