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Embody Your Soul


Soul Session

A Soul session is a creative, intuitive, spiritually guided unfolding in which I offer a synergetic blending of vibrational healing modalities to align you with your Soul. While accessing your Akashic Record, a Divine Field of love and support, we receive guidance and insight from your spirit guides as we determine which flower essences would be most effective to support you in your healing, evolution and transformation. The Bach flower essences, which I use to make a personal blend of flower essences for you, work on the emotional and mental bodies and help to remove the blocks to your evolution and wellbeing. While in session I activate the flow of Reiki energy to promote healing and when the session is in person we include hands-on Reiki as well. You may also receive a Soul Mantra, another potent form of healing. All modalities work beautifully together and all stand alone as a powerful tool for soul-alignment.


 Soul sessions (incorporate all healing modalities):

2 hours for $150 

1.5 hours : $130


60 minutes: $100 (Reiki only)


 WHERE: In STUDIO on James Island, SC

or VIRTUALLY on Zoom or FaceTime OR phone


Includes one personal remedy of Bach Flower Essences.
Refills or extra bottle of remedy: $20.


VENMO @ beki-crowell or PAYPAL @ email


Life happens! I understand. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice than full fee for session is due. Thank you for understanding. 

 email Beki @
to schedule appointment 


is a healing technique in which the practitioner activates the flow of Divine energy and channels it to the client either through direct touch, hovering hands over the body or sending remotely. The practitioner has been attuned to the lineage of Reiki, a specific healing art that originate from Japan, and with training is able to tap into the collective momentum of this cultivated healing energy and intention and offer this to the client . Reiki initiates the alignment and balance for the natural healing process to happen from within.  

Akashic Records

is a vibrational record of your Soul's journey and holds all feelings, actions, words, experiences of your soul in all time and space. By consulting this divine body of wisdom, we are able to receive a deep spiritual perspective that offers profound insights and guidance to support us in our current life experience. 

Bach Flower Essences

are a form of vibrational medicine that is completely natural, formulated from flowers to be taken orally. The essences can have profound results in aligning you to your True and natural state of wellbeing. Working purely on emotional and mental states, the flower essences are not a remedy for physical conditions, but very often, when balance is restored at the emotional level, the body is able to heal more easily. During a Soul Session Beki will determine the appropriate combination of remedies to use for your personal blossoming.

Soul Mantra

The Soul Mantra is a “word poem” that was inspired by one of my Life Path guides. She described it as a “very particular and potent form of healing that wants to be birthed through you”. Each word in the poem holds a frequency of healing and is an English interpretation of a form of light language, described to me as the "language of creation and wholeness.” When I am divinely inspired, I will write a mantra specifically for you to support you in your transformation.

Soul Portraits

The Soul Portrait is an extraordinary offering in which Beki accesses your Akashic Record and receives guidance by your own Soul to create a sacred transmission of your Divine Self on canvas. In a sense, it is your own Divine Self sending you a beautifully encoded message held within the frequencies reflected in the colors, shapes and symbols. This painting is created for healing, evolution and soul embodiment. 

Portraits begin at $1200

for an original oil painting on gallery wrapped stretched canvas. 

Fees vary depending on size 

Soul Portrait includes a consultation and a

unveiling ceremony or follow up session

after receiving your Soul portrait. 


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