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Rich Mother


Rich mother With very little money Rich Regardless of the condition of money being present.

Like unconditional love Love, Regardless of the conditions that are present.

A mother who taught me what it is to be rich With or without the tangible manifestation of Money.

She teases about going to the ‘Ocean Course’, When I am taking care of her When she becomes to…something…to take care of herself. We laugh that I may put her on a budget and That the extravagance of the plush beach resort restaurant Will be too much for me to afford for her.

My heart smiles And I think what a joy, pleasure and honor it would be to Take her to her favorite place that feeds her soul with food drenched in island sun and an eyeful of sea-full splendor.

To be rich is to know you are worthy Of such beauty Such art Regardless of how much money you have in your wallet or bank account.

To be rich is to live in a humble dwelling and make it into a royal palace of sacred opulent beauty Infused with the divine Emanating from objects reflecting consciousness Art on every wall Paintings by her By me By her grandson.

To be rich is to wake up each morning in this beautiful Warm glow of spirit Surrounding Enveloping And oozing from you Her me.

To be rich is to know how to live Unconditional Love To Love without condition aware of Connected to The Divine Love That we all are No matter what shows up in our experience.

Opulence beyond your imagination Living from the very core of your Soul Where we are in communion with the realm of the Divine, The Infinite Field of Possibility and Unconditional Love.

This is the rich soil From which my being originates In the dark soil of the Great Mother and the sweet awakening spirit Of the earth mother Who knew her worth at a core level Even when she was not aware of it.

So yes My sweet matriarch, crone and wise woman I will take you to the beautiful place that makes your heart sing And I will breathe in the scent of salt air and savor the bread pudding Soaking up the sweet spirit of your soul That has nurtured and given me permission to be Worthy of the deep, delicious connection with my soul.

Life is so Rich I can barely contain myself!

(The picture is of my mother with her 3 daughters)

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