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For my 40th birthday, Sherman, my husband, gave me the best gift ever. He designed and self published a book of my art. I had been saying I needed to do this for years. I had many of my paintings already photographed. He managed to do it without me knowing. I was shocked and moved and very grateful. I was able to go back into the program he created it in and edit the book, as he knew I would want to. I added poetry and paintings, and yet the original was beautiful and complete unto itself.

The title of the book is Peace and Passion. I feel like those two words truly encompass the essence of my art as well as my personal approach to life. Not so long ago I wrote this poem:

Peace and Passion

I am passionate about Peace it is the essence of what I desire more than anything else… the sensation of peace

Peace is a passionate place that resides deep in the red hot crevices of my heart

It is soothing and sensuous It is sexy and expansive It is ecstasy and the deep sleep that follows a passionate release.

It is the place felt after resistance yields to surrender.

It is commitment to the innermost intimate place that when we touch it we open to the most ecstatic passionate


Passion without Peace is an amputation a limb without the body to ground it

into the lush yummy silence

Passion without Peace is flight endless flight without a place to land when the wings are weary.

Passion is Peace the expression of all that Peace knows They are the yin and the yang of each other

I choose Peace first and then may the wings of Passion carry me into the unknown realms that Peace would have me know

then…. may Passion open me render me helpless to control its joy its vast, endless, bottomless pit of Love….expressed

May Peace surrender me to Passion and may Passion open my heart fearlessly to All that Is

All that Is!

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