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I am excited to share my new book, BARE BEAUTY: my journey of AWAKENING! This poem is at the beginning of the book. I will be sharing excerpts from the book, so stay tuned. Enjoy!

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Bare Beauty

I ache to see the unseen To breathe in the scent of Love Shared

I want to touch the Beauty of your Bare naked Soul That radiates From INSIDE The deepest widest part of my being

I thirst for the color Of sensuous rivers Drinking in the Divine nectar Of the Mother Earth

I lie open, bare, empty Waiting Patiently Peacefully With gentle anticipation To be penetrated Filled With beauty My beauty Your beauty Inner Outer Empty Bare beauty

I close my eyes As my heart awakens Vibrating with color Light Sound Seeping sweet syrupy Warmth Into my veins Watering the plants of my Garden of Eden Awakening me Gently prodding me To open my eyes To see The bare beauty of All things seen and unseen

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