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Awaken to Your True Self

with Flower Essences, Reiki, Akashic Records and Soul Art
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is a Soul artist and vibrational healer,
who channels the Divine 
paint, color, words and energy.  


Love is the essence of your Eternal Soul 



Akashic Records

the vibrational record of your Soul's journey and holds all feelings, actions, words, experiences of your soul in all time and space. By consulting this divine body of wisdom, we are able to receive a deep spiritual perspective that offers profound insights and guidance to support us in our current life experience. 

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Bach Flower Essences

 a form of vibrational medicine that is completely natural, formulated from flowers to be taken orally. The essences can have profound results in aligning you to your True and natural state of wellbeing. Working purely on emotional and mental states, the flower essences are not a remedy for physical conditions, but very often, when balance is restored at the emotional level, the body is able to heal more easily. During a Soul Session Beki will determine the appropraite combination of remedies to use for your personal blossoming.



 a healing technique in which the practitioner activates the flow of Divine energy and channels it to the client either through direct touch, hovering hands over the body or sending remotely. The practitioner has been attuned to the lineage of Reiki, a specific healing art that originates from Japan, and with training is able to tap into the collective momentum of this cultivated healing energy and intention and offer this to the client . Reiki initiates the alignment and balance for the natural healing process to happen from within.  

Soul Art

Art that feeds the Soul

opens the heart

awakens the senses


The Soul Portrait is a sacred transmission of your Divine Self and serves as a profound tool for healing, personal evolution, and Soul-embodiment! By accessing the divine field of love and support within the Akashic Records of my client, I am able to channel their Soul on canvas. The original piece of art is a creative and beautiful way to initiate Awakening and continues to work with you on you journey. 

Soul Mantra for Humanity

ONE is All.

All is ONE.

When I embrace the


I touch

the heart 

of my Soul..

I am whole.

The Soul Mantra is a very particular and potent form of healing that was revealed to me as a way to offer the transmissions of my Soul language. The frequencies of this unique form of Light Language are delivered through the Sacred Breath of Creation and Wholeness offering vibrational healing, through sound therapy. When I am divinely inspired, I will write a mantra specifically for you to support you in your transformation. The mantra may either be offered in the soul language and/or translated into english.

Soul Mantra

Tropical Flower

"Beki is wise, loving, pure, luminous, full of integrity and strength.  Her gifts as an artist, healer, and Akashic Records consultant are truly exceptional.  In her soul portraiture she combines these gifts so that people may learn about themselves and connect with the loving wisdom at depth of their being.  It is an incalculable gift to have these messages revealed through Beki's inspired art... "



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"Beki Crowell’s artful way of sharing wisdom will support many in fully embracing the richness, color, beauty and texture of their life’s canvas. She is truly a soul artist in both paint and words. Her book is a heart-nourishing, soul enriching and inspirational read."  

~SIMRAN SINGH, Author & 11:11 Magazine & Radio Publisher


"Beki Crowell’s memoir is so intriguing and heartfelt and open and positive and honest and vulnerable and true. Readers will find themselves rereading passages saying, Yes, I have felt that and I’ve forgotten it sometimes but I’m glad I remember now. In this way, the book teaches us how to be the essence of who we are, too, even in—or maybe because of—the ups and downs of life. "

~Cassie Premo Steele, Author of  Tongues in Trees

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risks vulnerability without
a second thought, because it knows it is safe and that, in truth, there are no risks. Intimacy embraces fear and transforms it to Love."

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